‘Happy’ a documentary wandering from India to Denmark

I discovered the documentary Happy a few months ago. And there is no better way to learn about happiness than by watching it. Roko Belic, the realisator did an amawing job. He travelled around the globe to meet people driving tuk tuk, living with more than 5 other family or spending hours meditating. Their stories give a different views of what bring happiness or not. For instance, a man spending is time between the river and his family shares his everyday life and explains how fulfilled he is. With other stories we hear about Karoshi which means in Japanese to work oneself to death. And we are surprised how far we can go when we bury our heads in the sand…

To illustate all those features, there are interviews from professors, psychologists or neuroscientists. With them we learn how much happiness was actually studied. They are many courses in Harvard largely attended. Plus positive psychology is a field emerging and beginning to be known. It’s not as old and developed as abnormal psychology but there are already many researches done and books written about it. The explanations we have with those scientists broad our understanding and sometimes reveal what happens in our head!

Well, I won’t tell you much more otherwise there is no surspise. So if you feel like going on a trip in pursuit of happiness you should definitely delve into it.

I leave you the trailer down to give you a flavour!



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