4 reasons to cultivate your hobbies!

    I’ve always been amazed to see how people can be so passionate about football, dance, piano or drawing for instance. When we hear a dancer talking about dance, it’s just part of his life and he actually needs to practice. Hobbies can be so beneficial to us. Even though we may have to work, to study or some other duties to be done, we should take time for our hobbies. At first, we may think that’s a waste of time but finally we can get much more than we expect from it.

1- Cultivate enjoyment!

Yes, we all know a hobby is a past time, a leisure something that we do with pleasure. But sometimes we may forget to engage with it that way. The dancer, for instance, may dance not anymore for fun but for perfection, efficiency or even worst dance as an obligation. It can be caused by an external pressure but it also comes from an internal one. We can personally decide how we engage with things and with which things we engage! A hobby is pleasure first!

2- Cultivate fulfilment!

Either we suck at football or we can’t hold a pen in our hand it doesn’t matter after all, that’s for fun! And if we go for it and try we will eventually do something that we didn’t think we were capable of. As a child who is so content with the colouring he has just finished, we will have a better self esteem knowing that we can achieve something. Imagine the painting which could be created. We don’t necessarily need the technical skills if we aren’t aiming for a masterpiece we naturally know how to draw or paint something.

3- Cultivate a stress reliever!

When life is a rush, stress is inevitable. Nowadays, things go faster. We have the possibility to over come the distance, the lack of space or the lack of time. We have access to trains, we can store virtually and we can program repetitive works to be done for us. The result is not spare time, regarding to those possibilities we are finally being asked more. But if life is a journey, as we usually hear, and not a sprint, slowing down and taking time to relax come spontaneously. Practicing a hobby enables us to disconnect, we focus on that activity and live the present moment. We unconsciously reconnect with ourselves. Hobbies can calm us down.

4- Cultivate an activity!

We may spend more time in an office where physical activity is lacking or on the other hand doing physical labour and seeking for different intellectual stimulations. Having a hobby is a pleasant way to find a balance. And in fact taking up a hobby or going back to one will either require a physcial or intellectual activity. That will be beneficial for our health. And the less sick we are, the easier it is to handle life and enjoy it!


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