Which art inspires you?


6 thoughts on “Which art inspires you?

  1. It’s hard to choose one specific type of art that inspires. All art can inspire, I find I’m inspired by concepts more than medium. Anything that’s clever or different inspires me. However if I had to choose it would be mixed-media

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    1. Thanks for your comment and for pointing out mixed-media. That’s interesting. I didn’t think about it but it actually allows a great freedom of expression, you are not narrowed by the limits of a specific media. I agree with you, the idea is usually more inspiring than the medium carrying it. And at the same time, it can happen that a medium more easily moves us.

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  2. I ended up choosing Wordsworth – although i’m not a huge fan of poetry. But it’s strange to think how he was inspired by the Lake District scenery (often) – we’re ignoring his sister’s influence here – and then we read a poem or two and that can inspire us to think more, or write or take a holiday in Grasmere. I guess it is a virtuous circle of inspiration! Nicola http://www.islingtonfacesblog.com

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