If you have ever felt hopeless about the future watch ”Tomorrow”

Tomorrow is a documentary which has been realized by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent. It has been showcased at the Climate Change conference in 2015 and since then it keeps inspiring people. I had the change to watch it at university as a student had borrow the DVD. That afternoon, I sat down and went on a journey of discovery. I learnt about the environmental challenges but more precisely about some solutions for a better future.

The climate change and the growing population are current-worrying topics. It has been source of inspiration and produced moving dystopian stories taking place in a future where the world has been destroyed and humanity is in grave danger. As exciting as they can be, it can sometimes freak you out and give you a pessimistic vision of the future. This is when we need to talk about and share hopeful solutions.

The documentary shows emerging and alternative ways of growing food in Detroit, of educating children in Finland or also of producing energy in Denmark. We discover solutions at a local and global level. The film is divided into 5 chapter Agriculture, Energy, Economy, Democracy and Education, all giving realistic and practical ideas. If you feel that even though the challenges, the world could flourish enjoy Tomorrow and get inspired!

To give you an idea:

Let me know what you think about it or share your own ideas!


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