VOX POP: What makes you feel good?

When you have a bad day, feel low or just want to have a good time, some inspirations about what to do can be helpful!

Personally, I sometimes keep doing the same thing and don’t try new activities. I thought that people would be inspiring. I spent a day asking them what do they usually do when they want to feel good… This is what they told me:

  • A walk on the beach, ”I feel the fresh air and it clears my mind”
  • To take care of myself, ”I spend time in the bathroom to look after my body or take a warm bath”


  • To practice cardiac coherence, ”I recently read a book about the cardiac coherence, it’s amazing. So now, I like to take 5 minutes to just breath”
  • To cook, ”Once I cooked something, I enjoy coming back home and degusting it”
  • To go slowly, ”I just take my time and it makes me feel really good”
  • To put the watch away, ”I take off my watch and enjoy a moment without imperativeDSC_0894
  • A time with friends, ”I go and see my friends or I call to have a chat”
  • To focus on something, ”I watch a film, a serie or a video games. I focus on it and forget all the rest”


And you?


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