What can we learn from the Laponian Lifestyle?

Winter is one of the best time to head to Laponia because it means that you will wander in winter wonderland. It’s time to contemplate the snowy trees along the frozen lake. While walking in the forest or mountains you may not meet so many people but when you do, you can learn a lot about their way of life!


A prevailing aspect of their life is the closeness to nature. They live surrounded by endless forests and wide range of mountains and take advantage of it. Wilderness is the place they resource in, have fun or work. In fact they can go for a walk where they enjoy the calm, the beauty of the landscape and sometimes they may observe animals appearing behind a tree or a leaf. The more sporty appreciate nature through skiing, hiking, ice climbing or even dogsledding. They don’t undergo their environment but rather delight in. One thing they really like is the feeling of adventure they can have. For them, it’s fun to challenge your body and even bypass fears you may have. It’s exciting and it makes you feel alive!


They are also living simply in the sense that the natural realities come first. It’s about being warm and not about being good looking. They are better not worry about superficiality, that actually makes life easier sometimes. A big and old fashion puffa jacket is perfect. Besides they live simply because they go for the natural instead of the artificial which means that they don’t have to make something up or get it from somewhere. They appreciate what they have around them. And this year the northern lights replaced the firework on New Year’s eve!

Wild Warm Heart

I also found interesting the fact that in spite of the cold and rough environment they are warm and welcoming over there.  Well, it does warm you up to be close to people! But anyway I don’t think that’s the main reason. I talked about it with a Swedish girl. She told me that they have their space and are not surrounded by a crowd all the time. So according to her, they are more likely to smile and say hello when they encounter someone rather then ignoring them.

How to love the cold and dark winter?

Of course they face some difficulties. It’s cold, isolated or dark most of the day but still they find a way to enjoy life up there. Here are some of their simple and lovely tricks:

  •  warm and cosy lights such as candles and garland which definitely create a place you want to linger in.
  •  go for burgundy tinted chalets which contrast with the white and soft colours all around
  • warm up in the sauna (it’s more common in the north of Sweden, Finland and Norway to have a sauna next to the bathroom, convenient and really pleasant!)
  • far from everything, enjoy the calm or make as much noise as you want it won’t be a big deal

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